Collaborative Cathartic Yardage

My fabric designs consist of multiple layers of pattern and color. When I’m dyeing, printing, and painting fabric I’m able to intuitively graph, map, and organize these colors and patterns. Uncertainty and surprise are inherent to the dye process and my response to these unknown factors and the evolution of the fabric is what makes this system exciting to me.

I’m also interested in responding to the intuitive mark making of other people. Community collaboration is an important part of my work and that’s why I need your help! Please join me during the opening reception of ‘Pieced Together,’ on April 18th, to help me create this collaborative fabric. I will have dye, brushes, screens, and other mark making devices available for everyone to use.

Once everyone has painted and printed to their hearts’ content, I will process the fabric and respond to the patterns and colors that have been created. This could mean that I will dye other layers over the existing ones, remove color, and isolate designs in certain areas, in order to eventually create a finished work of art.

Thank you for collaborating with me!