The world is covered in ice! I had planned to go into the studio this morning, but changed my mind when I saw multiple cars in the ditch on my way home last night, and on the local news. Therefore, I have to force myself to be just as productive at home today as I would have been in studio.

Instead of starting out the day with my never-ending list of school projects, I bundled up and went outside to take care of my chickens and duck. While they have to be fed and watered every day, the weekends are my special time to give them some extra attention. This means everything from giving them fresh veggie treats, to doctoring wounds, to cleaning out the coop.

With all of my layers, I wasn't cold at all, and spent about two hours with them. There's something about taking care of an animal, that depends solely on you, that is very humbling. I've always been a bleeding heart when it comes to animals and happily try to adopt any creature that comes within grabbing distance of me! If you are an animal in my home, you get treated just as good as any person. Today I took the birds a chunked up spaghetti squash, potato peelings, and strawberry tops. It's the least I can do to repay them for providing me with delicious fresh eggs every day! My time outside this morning, communing with the chickens, was just what I needed to feel refreshed and ready to work.


IMG_0953 copy.jpg

After I tackle that long list of school projects, I plan to reward myself by curling up on the couch and watching this gem of a movie that I recently discovered:

I found this movie so inspiring and know that my words won't be able to do it justice, so just go check it out! Also, the director, Mike Mills, created a blog with additional movie information, especially in reference to inspiration and art in the film, and can be found here: 

I hope everyone stays warm and safe this weekend! And good luck finding inspiration wherever you look!