Snow Days

So, last week was CRAAAZZZYYY! We had two snow days off from school, which is fantastic, in theory, but not great in practice. The studio is the only place where I have access to certain equipment, so being snowed in can be frustrating. Thankfully, we had notice that there was a winter storm coming, so I was able to gather up some projects to work on while being stuck at home. The bad thing about having to work from home is the high probability of being distracted by my dogs, laundry, chickens, dishes, plants, and really anything else. So, I did get some school work done, but I also got lots of cleaning, playing with dogs, surfing the internet for inspiring stuff, and sleeping in done. 


I found the following video during my web surfing and it is generally related to art school, but specifically related to typography class, in that it uses text to illustrate an audio clip from Ira Glass, host of 'This American Life.' Both the content, and the aesthetics drew me in. 

This is good stuff people! Also, before Snowmageddon I took advantage of our wonderful library here on campus and checked out a movie about the life of Georgia O'Keefe. She is an inspiration to me as an artist and woman!

Another priority during the snow days was to get ready for my pop-up shop at the BadSeed market in the Crossroads art district of KC. Over the last few months, I had been working on many different functional products to sell. Thanks to everyone who came to see me last Friday night! I had a great time at the market and got to catch up with a few old friends.


 I know this post is all over the place, I but I'm going to add a few more creative text examples that I ran across on the website If you've never looked at this site, DO IT NOW and DO IT EVERY DAY! Yes, I am yelling at you. Thisiscolossal has so many inspiring art projects, photography, videos, and design, and I always turn to it when I feel guilty about being online and need to feel like I'm being productive. So, here you go.

And, just one last thing that I want to share. We have been talking about the importance of kerning (the space in between letters), in my typography class. There's a great game online for really obsessive-compulsive people in which you fix the kerning of letters.

Maybe on the next snow day I will play this until I get a perfect score! 

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